Senior Tips For Girls

Here are a few guidelines you might find helpful in preparing for your photo session.

Something Classic.  Bring a variety of sleeve lengths including one full-length or 3/4.  For a classic look, solid colors in dark or medium tones work best. 

Something Casual.  Your everyday clothes.  Mini-skirts and short dresses work well but limit to 1 as poses are limited with these outfits. You may wish to avoid
busy patterns.

Accessorize: Consider necklaces, earrings, scarves, jackets, sunglasses, etc.  Simple and understated works better than large and flashy to help keep the focus on YOU. 

Something About You.  Consider bringing a musical instrument, a sports item, art, a vehicle, etc.

Outfits.  We recommend you layout your full outfits so you don't forget any item.  Then pack them up and use a plastic bag for each set of accessories.  Consider appropriate shoes for each outfit as well. 

Bottle of Water. If desired

Clothing Tips. 
Choose clothes that flatter you, avoiding excessively baggy or tight clothing.  Avoid strapless tops or dresses as close-up images may make you appear undressed.  Bold stripes can be distracting while solid colors tend to photograph best. Textured sweaters photograph very well.  Bring a variety of colors - dark, medium, and light tones.  Bring an extra outfit or two to increase your flexibility in choosing the right one to wear.


Skin. Avoid sunburn prior to your shoot to avoid bright red skin as well as peeling.  We can do enhancements such as blemish removal, brace removal, and more advanced retouching.

Nails.  Try to keep nail polish on the simple side rather than orange neon.  If you might be shooting some images without shoes, consider toenail polish. 

Hair:  Bring a hairbrush and any accessories for fixing your hair, nails, and makeup.  Windy days can cause hair issues and may require a rescheduling.