Here are a few guidelines you might find helpful in preparing for your photo session.

Something Classic:  Consider a long-sleeve, button-down shirt with or without a tie.   For a more formal look, solid colors in dark tomedium tones work best.

Something Casual:  Your everyday clothes.  If you wear a t-shirt under your shirt, consider bringing a lighter and a darker toned t-shirt along.

Something Different: Consider accessories such as a hat, jacket, cellphone, sunglasses, etc.  Something that makes a statement about your personality.

Something About You:  Consider bringing a musical instrument, a sports item, art, a hobby item, etc.

Outfits:   Bring more than you think you'll need to give you flexibility in your selection.  Consider appropriate shoes for each outfit as well. 

Touch Up Items:  Bring a hairbrush or comb if needed.

Bottle of Water: If desired

Clothing Tips
:  Choose clothes that flatter you, avoiding excessively baggy or tight clothing.   Bold stripes can be distracting while solid colors tend to photograph best.  Bring a variety of colors - dark, medium, and light tones.  


Skin: Avoid sunburn prior to your shoot to avoid bright red skin as well as peeling.  We can do enhancements such as blemish removal, brace removal, and more advanced retouching.

Nails:  Keep nails trimmed and if you may be shooting some images with your shoes off, consider trimming toenails as well.

Hair: Avoid a haircut immediately before the shoot.  Give it at least several days.